EZStoredProc 2.0.0

EZStoredProc 2.0.0: EZStoredProc generates stored procedures for MS SQL Server tables with ease. EZStoredProc generates stored procedures. Simply right-click to generate stored procedures for databases and tables. Execute stored procedure script directly from EZStoredProc. Option to use identity field and/or primary key fields in Where clause. Generate Insert, Select, Update, and Delete stored procedures. Generate "Grant Execute" statement for each stored procedure. Return identity value from table.

SQLHelp 2.42: Produce reference documentation for SQL stored procedures
SQLHelp 2.42

SQLHelp produces programmers reference documentation for stored procedures. Requiring no active SQL Server connection, SQLHelp can produce annotated documentation describing each procedure, its parameters, output return values and result sets, executed procedures and the transactional nature of the procedure. Output options include searchable, colorized source code for each procedure.

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ProcFormatica 1.0: ProcFormatica provides an ICD-10-PCS codes fully searchable database.
ProcFormatica 1.0

procedures including their codes, mapping to ICD-9 procedure codes and a complete explaination for each character in the ICD-10-PCS code. THE INTERNATIONAL CLASSIFICATION OF DISEASES Tenth Revision Procedure Coding System (ICD-10-PCS) was created to accompany the World Health Organization’s (WHO) ICD-10 diagnosis classification. The new procedure coding system was developed to replace ICD-9-CM procedure codes for reporting inpatient procedures.

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T4S Stored Procedure Generator T4S Stored Procedure Generator creates 30 types of CRUD SP with JOIN & much more
T4S Stored Procedure Generator

Procedure Generator reads database schema and generates stored procedures based on your selection and configuration. It supports MS SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, MSDE, SQLExpress databases. It is entirely built in C# and .NET 2.0. Key features of T4S Stored Procedure Generator are, joined stored procedures based on foreign key columns, join type selection based on nullability of column or as per user requirement, error handling (try catch based for

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FlowBiz Net Publisher 1.00

Net Publisher is an easy to use tool for publishing Active FlowBiz Procedure Charter HTML pages for browsing on a LAN/WAN or your companies Inter or Intranet. Use Net Publisher to deploy across the room, or across the world your Procedure Charter ISO 9000, Safety, Environment, work processes, instruction manuals or any procedural information, or, as a great tool for on-line procedures and learning.

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ADO.NET Express Pro 1.2.0: Visual Studio add-in, generates class methods for executing stored procedures
ADO.NET Express Pro 1.2.0

procedures and executing common types of SQL statements. It supports C#/VB and SQL Server/Oracle. ADO.NET Express looks similar to Server Explorer. You can add database connections and browse schema objects such as tables and stored procedures. You can right click on a schema object to generate ADO.NET code for this object. For example, you can right-click on a stored procedure and generate a C# method that executes the stored procedure and returns

source, sql server, visual studio, stored procedure, add in, oracle, generator, visual basic, code

Lattice.SPGen Stored Procedure and Code Generator 3.0: Lattice.SPGen is a stored procedure and code (C# and VB.NET) generator wizard th
Lattice.SPGen Stored Procedure and Code Generator 3.0

Lattice.SPGen is a template-based stored procedure and code generator that supports Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2 UDB, PostgreSQL and MySQL. It processes any tables and views in the database that you select and generate stored procedures scripts of insert, update, delete, select (single or multiple records) as well as business entities for C# and VB.NET. The output scripts file can be chosen as one file for all tables / views or one per table / view based on your preference. 

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